Master educator

You will often see her as an ally in childrens craziest mischief. He sees children as unique individuals, he always tries to preserve and nurture their diversity. He is a master educator by profession, a director by profession, and an eternal child by commitment.



As an associate in the preventive health care of children, he works daily on the development of childrens health and hygiene habits. You will recognize her by her wide smile, always in a positive mood with a handful of new information about the child, which she wants to convey to you.



You will often see her collecting bottle caps, cardboard boxes and various other used materials. Because they always make something new, educational and interesting for children. Marija is a teacher, she works with children from the age of three until they start school.


Bachelor of Economics

It is there for all administrative matters. With her assistance, you will sign the contract, she will inform you about the events in the kindergarten. But they will also be happy to give a warning, if the obligations are not settled on time.


Nurse / Educator

Full of patience and love. Creative. You can often see me collecting different materials to make something new for my friends. And I am always guided by the fact that children are not things to be shaped, but people to be discovered.



Dear children, love, happiness and joy are the most important parts of growing up, right? That's why we often hear that when happiness is shared, it grows. My life task is to nurture in myself, and then in you, little people, exactly those qualities.



I have 10 years of experience in working with children and parents, starting as an animator in a playroom, through work in a folklore school, a music workshop, a humanitarian organization, and up to preschool institutions.


English Language Associate

I treat my work responsibly. Commitment, patience and a positive attitude spiced with specific humor is what characterizes my attitude towards work and children.


Nurse / Educator

Responsible, conscientious, sometimes strict, but extremely fair. Support for children and parents, always there to encourage and support.


Nurse / Educator

Because of her knowledge of a large number of children's songs, she will patiently encourage your children to express their talents with play and music, and children will love her for her cheerful spirit and endless love for them.



Aunt Anka is a waitress in our kindergarten, but also more than that. Children love her because of the most beautiful cakes she prepares. Every child goes into her embrace from the heart, and all parents see that.



Our Bisa takes care of the hygiene of the space with great care. Nothing is difficult for her, with a smile she makes everything clean, smelling and shining, making the kindergarten pleasant for everyone.

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